Who Are We?

Rainkeeper is a full-service consultancy firm specializing in Rainwater Harvesting and Stormwater Management solutions.

Since its inception, Rainkeeper has been a pioneer in the rainwater harvesting industry as one of the first companies to offer rainwater collection systems of its kind in North America. Our company uses the latest technology and the highest quality materials to develop custom systems that are tailored to fit the demands of each individual project. With clear objectives for developing systems that are safe for the environment and cost-effective to maintain, Rainkeeper has established itself as a trusted name across a broad spectrum of clientele. Through personal client relationships and strict attention to detail, we remain at the forefront of a growing industry while helping consumers find solutions for their rainwater system needs in a manner that is sustainable, both environmentally and economically.

Michael L. Stark President

Average Daily Household Consumption
= 70-100 gallons/person

How Rainwater Helps
More than half of daily water needs can be met with rainwater

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