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Rainkeeper has become a recognized leader in the field of rainwater harvesting through its unparalleled commitment to two core values: offering quality custom-level rainwater systems assembled from the finest products available, and doing so at an affordable price.

The Rainkeeper Approach

Rainkeeper goes beyond what works “in theory” and instead creates systems that are highly-simple, yet highly-efficient. At Rainkeeper, our expert knowledge has been accumulated through the successful completion of a large array of projects; from small residental irrigation, to college campuses, to LEED-Certfied public and corporate facilities. These years of experience have enabled us to identify what works, and what doesn’t, and it is this advantage that allows us to offer the most specialized, tailor-made systems on the market at the most competitive prices in the industry.

Unlike other companies, Rainkeeper employs a uniquely holistic approach to creating rainwater harvesting solutions. By taking into account each project’s size, geographic location, and water quality requirements, Rainkeeper designs systems that are meticulously crafted to meet  your client's system demands, achieve the highest LEED certifications, and accomplish the best management practices(BMP) and goals of watershed implementation plans (WIP).  Rainkeeper works with you to develop the most appropriate harvesting and storage plans in order to build a complete rainwater system that is cost-effective to install and financially reasonable to maintain.

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Tested Products and Proven Success

Rainkeeper is uniquely positioned to offer only the highest level of value in its system designs due to the close, direct relationships we hold with manufacturers, many of them exclusive. Additionally, some of our most integral system products are custom-designed and produced in-house. The successful application of our own components in real-life systems is a testament to our dedication to quality and the depth of our expertise – if no product currently exists to meet our system standards, we use our professional know-how to devise it ourselves.

Our professional knowledge is constantly growing from ongoing analysis and research of operational systems and continues to improve with each successive project. Rainkeeper is continually investigating and testing the latest products and techniques as they become available in order to maintain our reputation for bringing only the highest-quality merchandise to our customers. From the initial planning and design stages through start-up and certification of the system, Rainkeeper offers you the skilled professional services you need to make your project a success.

“We don’t give you a piece-meal job at an inflated price - instead we can offer quality design of a complete, turn-key system while taking into account how much this system will cost the owner, from electricity consumption, replacement parts, even the waste a system will produce.”
Michael L. Stark, President