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Calmed InletCalmed Inlet in Use
Calmed InletCalmed Inlet in Use

Calmed Inlet

Made from fully recyclable polyethylene, the Calmed Inlet provides several important functions in a quality rainwater harvesting system. Water leaving the filter enters the storage tank through the 'calmed inlet'. In the water column, any fine residual particles settle to the bottom of the storage tank. The Calmed Inlet prevents the disturbance and re-suspension of fine sediments that gather on the bottom of the tank. Another important function of the inlet is the introduction of oxygen into the lower layers of the tank which maintains a fresh supply of water while preventing anaerobic conditions from forming.

Product Name Product Code
Calmed Inlet - 4" RK500-CI04
Calmed Inlet - 6" RK500-CI06
Calmed Inlet - 8" RK500-CI08


  • Technical Data of RK 4"
Overall Length 317 mm
Overall Height 152mm
Diameter of Inlet 120mm
Diameter of Outlet 120mm x 171mm