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Cistern FilterCistern Filter Technical Data
Cistern FilterCistern Filter Technical Data

Cistern Filter

Ideally suited for small to mid size systems where filter installation inside the storage tank is desired.  Incoming water from a maximum roof area of 650ft2 is continuously filtered through a two stage cleaning system. The first stage removes larger debris such as leaves and other organic matter, which protects the finer second stage from clogging. After the finer particles are removed in the second stage the clean water flows into the storage tank through the calmed inlet. A small amount of water carries the dirt into the overflow of the tank. The two stage filter is easily removed for cleaning or can be automatically cleaned with installation of a Back Washing Device. Filter housing is made of high quality, recyclable, PE plastic, with the two stage filter material made from stainless steel. Height difference between the filter inlet and outlet is just 4.6”. This filter works well in combination with the RainKeeper Duo Siphon as the overflow device.

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Product Name Product Code
Cistern Filter RK108-CF04
Back Washing Device RK129-CFBW


Inlet Connection 1 x 4"
Outlet to Tank 1 x 4"
Outlet to Storm Sewer 1 x 4"
Overall Width 21"
Overall Height 15"
Weight 3.8 lbs