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Commercial/Industrial UV Systems

For each commercial project, Rainkeeper designs a complete solution for your water treatment needs that includes the use of the highest grade UV technology in your rainwater system. The systems we offer are modular in design, with the ability to interconnect units to meet larger flow requirements. This provides an advantage over large, singular systems in that using multiple compact UV packages makes both installation and maintenance easier. If an individual unit malfunctions, you have the benefit of continuing to treat water with your additional functioning units – not possible with a large chamber singular system. Rainkeeper uses models that exhibit the industry’s best performance in UV water treatment, with a dosage of 40 mJ/cm2 at the end of lamp life. Many models are self-cleaning and have built-in microprocessors with sensors and continuous monitoring systems. All models have air-mounted lamps surrounded by elliptical reflectors that destroy pathogens more effectively. 

Hallett systems are NSF/ANSI 55 Class A certified and are the leading UV disinfection systems for regulated applications like commercial, industrial, public buildings, and small community use, up to 1 million gallons per day. Some Hallett models are also suited for the treatment of wastewater. Whereas, Upstream systems are engineered to achieve the same performance standards as NSF 55 Class A certified Halletts, but are for use where regulations do not require that certification.

  • 3-year Limited Warranty for Electrical Components and Quartz Sleeve
  • 5-year Warranty on Housing
  • 1-year Warranty on UV Lamps


  • Technical Information
  • Model Comparisons
Product Name Product Code Dimensions Weight (lbs) Flow Rate U.S. GPM Max Power Consumption Min UVT Inlet/Outlet Conn.
Hallett H30 RK805-UV30 32x8x9 30 28.5 140W 70% 1.0"
Hallett H30 RK806-UV30 32x8.5x10 30 28.5 173W 70% 1.5"
Hallett H30 (wastewater) RK807-UV30 32x8x9 30 28.5 140W 75% 1.5"
Hallett H30 (wastewater) RK808-UV30 32x8x9 30 28.5 140W 75% 1.5"
Upstream NC15-75 RK813-UV15 35.8x7.5x9.3 28 16.5 175W 75% 1.0"
Upstream NC15-50 RK814-UV15 39.8x7.5x9.3 30 14.6 200W 50% 1.0"
Upstream NC30-75 RK815-UV30 39.8x7.5x9.3 30 28.5 200W 75% 1.0"
Upstream NC30-75 RK816-UV30 39.8x7.5x9.3 30 28.5 200W 75% 1.5"


Model Automatic Shut-Off Valve Remote Control  Visual Quartz Inspection Self-Cleaning Quartz  Air-Cooled Lamps Compact Size Flexible SS Connection Hose NSF/ANSI 55 Cert.
Upstream X-Optional X X X X X X No
Hallett X-Optional X X X X X X X