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Submersible Pump
Submersible Pump

4” Multi-Stage Submersible Pump

The D series 4" multi-stage submersible pumps are specially designed to operate quiet, cool, and highly efficient. These pumps are suitable for rainwater harvesting systems, irrigation, wells, and outdoor water features. The D Series offers a line of cost-effective 1/2 hp pumps that deliver high performance and reliability. The stainless steel and composite construction resists wear and provides for optimum performance while the self-lubricating Nylatron® bearing has built-in protection from abrasion. D series pumps also use less energy consumption with over 25% less amp draw, which reduces operating costs and extends the life of the pump. The motor is kept cool during operation as pumped liquid passes over it, dampening motor noise in the process. D series pumps come standard with a stainless steel intake screen which filters out solids larger than 0.8”. Alternately, D series pumps are available with Rainkeeper custom designed plastic bases which allow for connection to Rainkeeper Floating Inlets.  Each pump comes with 10’ of cord length.


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Product Code HP Volts Phase Max Amps Outlet Size Weight (lbs) Height (in)
RK334-DOM10 0.5 115 1 11.0 1-1/4"  NPT 16 21.6"
RK336-DOM20 1 9.5 20.8”
RK338-DOM30 1 9.5 20.6”
RK333-DOM10  230 1 5.5 21.6”
RK335-DOM20 1 4.6 20.8”
RK337-DOM30 1 4.6 20.6”
RK339-DOM201 230 1 10.6 22.3”
RK340-DOM201 115 1 5.3 22.3”