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Eco Pump & Control Unit

The Rainkeeper Eco Pump and Control unit is both elegant and efficient. The Eco unit is a fully automatic monitoring and operating system that combines pump, controller, and back-up water supply. Its clever design requires only a small installation space and is easily installed in the basement or garage. On average, the Eco saves more than 75 % power by delivering just the amount of water required for household activities. When your rainwater supply runs low, the Eco pump comes with a standard float switch which controls the operation to automatically change to your back-up water source so that you are never without water. An optional digital display with tank sensor provides the same function as the standard float switch but has the added feature of a user interface with an easy-to-read LED display which shows the tank level in 10% increments.

The Rainkeeper Eco unit is available in two models: Eco SF and Eco LF. The dimensions shown are the same for both models with the exception of maximum flow rate (shown as SF/LF)

Product Name Product Code
Rainkeeper Eco Pump and Control Unit - SF RK728-ECOSF
Rainkeeper Eco Pump and Control Unit - LF RK730-ECOLF
Eco Digital Display  RK731-ECODD


  • Technical Information
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Dimensions 15.6” x 13.8” x 8” (H x W x D)
Power Supply Input 110 – 230V AC/ 50 – 60Hz
Power Supply Output 24 V DC 
Max Operating Pressure 50 PSI
Max Flow Rate 2.6 GPM/3.6 GPM
Weight 17.6 lbs



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