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Filter Collector
Filter Collector

Filter Collector

This clever product is a perfect match for rain barrels or smaller storage tanks. Easily installed into existing rectangle or round downspouts, the Filter Collector filters rainwater through stainless steel mesh while removing leaves, dirt and debris that diminish water quality and cause sludge build-up. The filtered rainwater is channeled out the side into a storage unit while organic matter flows through the downspout. The removable filter cartridge twists 180° to adjust according to the seasons and allows you to collect rainwater when it’s plentiful or flush it through when your storage container is full. Made from tough, durable, and recyclable PE plastic.  Available in Black, Brown, Gray or White.

How it works:

  • 1Rainwater is channeled from the filter
    entrance to the sieve cartridge.
  • 2 Dirt is rinsed to the sides and continues
    through the downspout.
  • 3 Cleaned water is led through the cartridge's
    outlet channel into storage. 
  • Product Information
  • Technical Information
Product Name Product Code
Filter Collector - Gray RK112-FC04
Filter Collector -Brown RK113-FC04
Filter Collector - Black RK114-FC04
Filter Collector - White RK115-FC04




  • 1 Reduction at 3.15", other adaptors available.
    Fits 2.5" square and 2.7" round downspouts.
  • 2 Connector for metal downspouts 4".
  • 3 Outlet connection at 3"
  • 4 Adaptor for connection at 2" or 1.25".
  • 5 Removable cartridge.
  • 6 Stainless steel filter mesh at 1mm to 0.7mm.
  • 7 Settings for winter and summer conditions.
    Twist 180 degrees to remove cartridge filter -
    no need to remove filter body from downspout.
Downspout Width 2.75" - 4"
Overall Width 10.2"
Overall Height 10.7"
Weight 1.9 lbs