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Flexible Suction Hose with Floating Inlet Filter


How water is removed from the cistern may on the surface seem insignificant, but in fact plays a vital role in a quality rainwater harvesting system. When used in conjunction with the other RainKeeper system techniques, the floating inlet filter ensures only the highest quality water is extracted from storage. The filter is made entirely out of stainless steel with a 1.0mm screen, built in check valve, and barbed hose connection. A 6” air-filled ball floats on top of the water, moving up and down as the water level changes and suspending the floating inlet filter just below the water’s surface where the cleanest water resides. A high quality flexible hose specially formulated to resist biological activity connects the floating inlet to a pump or suction line.  Inlet filters are available in sizes ranging from 1” - 2” with standard and custom lengths of hose available in matching sizes.


  • Product Information
Product Name Product Code
Floating Intake – 1”  RK401-SE1
Floating Intake – 1.5” RK403-SE150
Floating Intake – 2” RK404-SE2