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FRP Tanks

Rainkeeper offers a range of fiberglass tanks in sizes from 1,000 – 50,000 gallons. Commonly used for large scale projects, these tanks are inherently lighter than steel or concrete tanks, making them easier to ship and install. The one-piece design of the fiberglass tank ensures it is watertight, and its integral ribs make the tank structurally sound and corrosion resistant. Rainkeeper offers fiberglass storage tanks directly from the most experienced manufacturer in North America with multiple locations throughout the continent, providing the closest shipping source to your project. These tanks are available with or without NSF61 potable water standard.
Tank openings and connections can be custom manufactured to suit your project requirements. 

Product Product Code Diameter Height Weight
10,000 gallon RK210-FRP-10000 8' 30.5' 2900 lbs
20,000 gallon RK211-FRP-20000 10' 37'4" 6100 lbs