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Industrial/Commercial Modular Concrete Storage Systems

Underground Rainwater Storage/Detention
Site-specific, Pre-cast Concrete, Modular Design
Time-saving Installation

No Maintenance
Guaranteed Leak-proof

Rainkeeper offers large modular pre-cast concrete storage systems for any commercial or industrial size project. These concrete systems employ a patent-pending joint-sealing technology which affords you a warranty that your system is 100% watertight and guaranteed not to leak. The configuration of each module can be customized to meet the requirements of each individual site. Typical sizes begin at 10,000 gallons and can be increased to accommodate even the largest water storage requirements. With its HS-25 rating, these corrosion-free and structurally sound modular tanks are superior to metal or plastic storage options. Due to their superior strength, the pre-cast concrete modules are safe to work around on the project site, without worry of damage. Unlike fiberglass or plastic tanks, pre-cast concrete modules offer the potential of using excavated soils as backfill material. Additionally, with their HS-25 rating these modules are approved to be installed below parking lots, driveways, and other heavy load bearing environments. 

Product Name Product Code Length Width Height
10,000 gallon RK212-MPC10000 22' 8' 8'
20,000 gallon RK213-MPC20000 43'
30,000 gallon RK214-MPC30000 63'





Custom tank heights are available to fit your project needs – please contact us for more information.