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Modular Plastic Tanks

Modular plastic tanks offer an economic alternative to plastic or concrete tanks in projects where larger storage volumes are required or access to the project site is limited. Unlike single vessel systems, modular tank components are packaged on pallets and shipped directly to the project site, ready to assemble – delivering your tank system more affordably and easily, even to remote locations. Tanks can be assembled without using special equipment, tools, or bonding agents. Due to its superior structural design, 97% of your excavated space is available for water storage. Rainkeeper offers modular tank systems that can be installed with minimal excavation depth, and with their HS-25 rating they can be installed under parking lots, driveways, or fields under the appropriate design conditions. Its modular design allows each tank system to be custom designed to the individual project site requirements.  Modular tanks come with our custom-made watertight liner that surrounds the modular system.  

Product Code Product Code
Modular Plastic Tank RK223-MST