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PE Tanks

Rainkeeper offers PE tanks that are lightweight, versatile, and suitable for either above or underground installation in small to mid-size rainwater harvesting systems. Most underground models are limited to 2,000 gallons of storage while above ground tanks can hold up to 10,000 gallons. Tanks can be purchased and joined together to create an interconnected tank system to increase storage capacity. PE tanks are watertight, corrosion resistant, and manufactured using resins that meet FDA specifications to ensure safe storage of potable water. Our underground tanks are the strongest in the industry and offer NSF61 potable water rating as a standard feature. Underground tanks also offer a watertight threaded riser system available in two size increments that provides access to the tank from the surface. 

Product Name Product Code Length Width Height Weight (lbs)
1771 gallon RK200-PE1771 177" 62" 51" 640
1161 gallon RK201-PE1161 118" 450
1000 gallon RK202-PE1000 103" 360









Underground Tank Accessories
Riser; 6" RK203-RI06
Riser; 12" RK204-RI12