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Electronic Pressure Switch Pump Controller

The electronic pressure switch pump controller can be used for a single pump or in duplex or triplex systems with  multiple controllers configured as master and slaves. The  controller stops and starts the pump to which it is fitted and replaces traditional mechanical pressure switches. The controller protects pumps again dry-running (automatic restart), too frequent start-ups, and over currents. A precision pressure sensor ensures simple and accurate parameter setting. Pump controller also includes a built-in check valve and a digital back-lit display. 

  • Product Information
  • Dimensional Information
Product Name Product Code Volts Amps Power Cut In/Off Pressure Range
kW Hp
DG Flow Preset PS16; 230v RK346-PS230 230 16 1.5 2 12-130 psi
DG Flow Multi Preset PSM16; 230v (two pumps) RK347-PSM2 1.5 x 2 2 x 2
DG Flow Multi Preset PSM3M16; 230v (three pumps) RK348-PSM3 1.5 x 3 2 x 3