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On/Off Pump Controller

The On/Off electronic pump controller replaces traditional pressure switches and monitors the pressure within the system while protecting the pump against such dangerous conditions as dry running or excessively frequent starting. The PresFlo techno polymer body is suitable for operation in potable water and includes a built-in check valve.  The PresFlo electronic circuit board is resin bonded for complete protection against moisture and housed in a IP 65 case that allows for easily accessibility for wiring purposes.  Optional built-in pressure gauge guarantees electrical safety. The state of the pump (power on/off/alarm) can be monitored with one button and two different colored flashing LED lights.


  • Product Information
Product Name Product Code Volts Power Start Pressure
Kw Hp
PF1622P; 230v RK341-PF230 230V 1.5 2 32 psi
PF1622P; 115v RK342-PF115 115V 0.75 1 32 psi