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Residential UV Systems

Rainkeeper offers only the most sophisticated, state-of-the-art UV treatment units available on the market today. Our small-scale residential and light commercial UV systems range from the basic yet effective Cactus systems to the fully-featured Hallett and Upstream models. High intensity treatment lamps are mounted in air and easy to replace without draining the system. Each system has an end of life minimum dosage of 40 mJ/cm2 at its indicated flow rate. The cost- effective Cactus systems offer value with high performance, granting homeowners and small commercial projects effective UV treatment in an economical package. Rainkeeper also offers the complex Hallett systems, which are NSF/ANSI 55 CLASS A CERTIFIED and, while commonly used in regulated commercial and public buildings, can be offered in smaller flow rate units for residential systems where desired. The Hallett systems offer a high level of UV treatment along with such features as a microprocessor-based continuous monitoring system with two UV sensors and both visual and audible alarm notification. The Upstream UV systems offer the same performance as the Hallett systems but without certification for residential or commercial uses that do not require it. Hallett and Upstream models come with surge protectors. 

  • 3-year Limited Warranty for Electrical Components & Quartz sleeve
  • 5-year Warranty on Housing
  • 1-year Warranty on UV Lamps




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Product Name Product Code Dimensions
HxWxD in.
Flow Rate
US gpm
Max Power Consumption Min UVT In/Out Conn.
Cactus X-8 RK800-UV08 27.3x7.5x7.8 15.5 8.7 93W 85% 1"
Cactus X-12 RK801-V12 32x7.5x7.8 17 13.3 114W 85% 1"
Upstream NC10-75 RK811-UV10 32x7.5x9.3 26 11 135W 75% 1"
Upstream NC10-50 RK812-UV10 35.8x7.5x9.3 28 11 175W 50% 1"
Hallett H15XS RK804-UV15 35.8x7.5x9.3 25 15 175W 75% 1"


Model Automatic Shut-Off Valve Remote Control  Visual Quartz Inspection Self-Cleaning Quartz  Air-Cooled Lamps Compact Size Flexible SS Connection Hose NSF/ANSI 55 Cert.
Cactus Optional Optional X   X X X NO
Upstream X X X X X X X NO
Hallett X X X X X X X YES


Product Name Product Code
Replacement Lamp Cactus X-8 RK802-UVL8
Replacement Lamp Cactus X-12 RK803-UVL12
Replacement Lamp Upstream NC10-75 RK817-UVLU
Replacement Lamp Upstream NC10-50 RK818-UVLU
Replacement Lamp Hallett H15XS RK809-UVLH15