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Standard Overflow Siphon

The RainKeeper Standard Overflow Siphon is specifically designed for use in underground PE tanks. Designed with an angled intake, it provides a siphoning effect to draw particles lighter than water (e.g. flower pollen, oils, etc.) that float slowly to the water’s surface to the outlet of the tank. Removing this floating layer of surface pollutants through regular overflow from the tank is important in order to maintain high water quality as well as allow for oxygen diffusion at the water surface. The deep P trap and SS spiral rodent guard keep unwanted odors, bugs, and larger rodents from getting into the tank. Installs through the tank sidewall with a rubber grommet and connects to 4” PVC pipe outside the tank with a 4”flexible connector. Siphon is made of fully recyclable polyethylene.


Larger overflow siphons can also be custom ordered to fit individual systems.

Product Name Product Code
Standard Siphon - 4" RK601-OSS04
RK Siphon - 6" RK602-OS06
RK Siphon - 8" RK602-OS08