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Vertical Submersible Pump (VSP)

• Uses a double mechanical seal lubricated on both sides
• Each model comes with a 10’ connection cord w/ bare leads
• Maximum 3450 RPM
• Able to operate without ventilation
• Two poles induction rewindable motor with protection IP 68, class F insulation
• Single-phase feeding with incorporated motor protector and capacitor permanently connected
• Continuous duty operation
• Available in single or three phase models


Rainkeeper offers the broadest line of vertical multistage pumps in the industry. Designed with advanced and sophisticated engineering, these pumps operate almost silently and are well suited for rainwater harvesting systems, irrigation, small scale greenhouse operations, and outdoor water features. The Rainkeeper VSP is distinct from other submersible pumps that rely on pulling water across the motor for cooling; instead, VSP pumps use an internal water-cooled jacket which dissipates heat more efficiently. This unique feature allows these pumps to be installed in a dry environment, even though they are also IP68 rated for full submersion.  Each model is constructed using the highest quality corrosion-proof materials to ensure optimum performance. Can be used singularly or in duplex or triplex systems with Rainkeeper’s custom stainless steel manifolds. 

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